While traditional health insurance rates continue to increase, in most cases well over 10 % every year, small businesses are finding out there is a better, much more affordable way. Level-funded health benefits offer significant cost savings right from the start. Even better: they allow for opportunities to REDUCE plan costs down the road, even as traditional rates rise.

Who Should Consider Level-Funding?

Ideally, level-funding works best for companies that are:

  • Looking for an affordable option that makes it possible for them to continue offering employer-sponsored benefits
  • Interested in self-insuring, but want to avoid the risk of unpredictable monthly costs
  • Establishing a culture of health and wellness
  • Have ten or more employees

Our Level Funded plans include three claims reimbursement options:

  • PPO
  • Reference-based reimbursement (RBR)
  • PPO for everyday physician’s office visits, RBR for everything else

Let us show you how to deliver better benefits at a lower cost.

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