Guarantee Issue Short Term Disability Insurance

If you couldn’t work, how many months could you maintain your lifestyle?

Every seven seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers an illness, injury or accident that will keep them out of work for at least one month.

Learn how to protect your clients with the best Membership based income replacement policy on the market.

  • EMA - Accidental Total Disability Benefit
  • One rate for all ages, sexes, smokers/non-smokers
  • Guarantee Issue - No health question
  • All occupations are accepted with certain activity exclusions
  • Elimination Periods of 30 days
  • Weekly Benefit Amounts of up to $1100
  • 13 and 26 weeks benefit periods
  • True Own Occupation definition
  • Doesn’t integrate with any other benefit – No Offset
  • Policy includes $5,000 AD&D benefit
  • Issue ages 18 - 65
  • Agents receive their own enrollment link
  • Lifetime, levelized commissions
  • NO Medical Requirements – NO coordination of benefits – NO lengthy applications
  • Monthly costs Include EMA Membership dues & many other benefits